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Twitter is absolutely my medium; conversational, community-driven, and fast as lightning. I update Twitter more than anything else.

Other accounts that I update less frequently (or basically never) include Facebook, Pinterest, Google+TumblrYouTubeLinked In, and Flickr.


[email protected]

I’m trying to be better about replying to email, but expect a lag, especially around festival season (May – December, for me). 

I do read pretty much everything that comes in to my inbox; You can help me by being brief  and to-the-point if you need info, and not expecting a reply if you don’t.

This is not the place to contact me about booking or other information for any of the organizations I am affiliated with.  Visit their websites, where you’ll find the appropriate contact information and guidelines. And please don’t add this address to mailing lists; un-asked-for mailing list subscriptions make me annoyed.


“My least favourite app on my phone is that one that lets people call and talk directly to you.”



3 Responses to Contact

  1. Riggo says:

    Thank you for the article and for sharing your experiences in Morocco.
    I am a solo traveler (Male) and Morocco is in my ‘bucket list’

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