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This morning I took advantage of the gorgeous weather to hop on my bicycle and go for a spin. I bought my bike about a year ago, having not really done much cycling since I was 15, and quickly became one of those annoying people who goes on about the delights of urban cycling.

Part of the joy is that I live in a city that’s so fabulous for it; the trails and bike lanes are improving, and my neighbourhood is fairly central, so all of the trails are easily accessible. These terrific greenspaces are filled with all the flora and fauna you could want in the City – last week, we saw a Northern Oriole, King Bird, and Turkey Vultures, not to mention a wealth of apple trees in full bloom.  And the signage – recently updated with great new branding by Studio N – is really helpful and clear.

From my house to Lansdowne Street is about 15 minutes by bicycle, which means I can ride my bike to the Saturday market and burn off the perogi-delivered calories on the way back. If you want a less speedy but more scenic route, you can take the paths on the Otonabee’s West bank, past the Silver Bean, and take a quick tour through the historic and shady Little Lake Cemetery on the way, as my sister Cassie and I did one hot day last August. Bike baskets laden with fresh corn on the cob, leeks, and of course perogis, we biked past the headstones of local luminaries and along the shore of Little Lake.

When we speak about livable cities, we’re talking about places that are easy and pleasant to get around in by human power, and Peterborough certainly is one of those. With a great community of cyclists who are increasingly visible, vocal, and connected, I’m learning that Peterborough is becoming one of Canada’s great cycling cities – and I’m excited to be joining in on that!

Some great local cycling resources:

B!KE: The Community Cycling Hub

Peterborough Moves

The Peterborough Bicycle Advisory Committee

The Peterborough Cycling Club

And all of the gang on Twitter using the #bikePtbo hashtag!

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