I’d always wanted to learn embroidery, but never managed to really get around to it until the first summer that I worked at Lang Pioneer Village.  In the long slow afternoons of a rainy summer, I developed my embroidery skills (and a case of summer pneumonia) in the General Store, stopping occasionally to flirt with the blacksmith.  It was pretty idyllic, actually.

Anyhow, these days I haven’t been spending as much time on it – most of my creative energy being taken up by the festival and work – but I do get the urge quite frequently.  Taking an idea from sketch to cloth takes me a long time as I roll colour options around in my head; some projects have slowed, crawled, or stopped altogether for years as I decide which colour to use next.  The nice thing is that even if I take a long hiatus, the old skill comes back in a flash.

Most recently, I created the first in a series called ‘Canadian Tapestries.’  You can see both progress shots and the finished project below; it was created in October 2009 for an Art Gallery of Peterborough fund raiser.

Most of my designs are based on Medieval woodcuts, and some are patterns, but I’m moving into creating designs which are entirely original.

[nggallery id=2]

I also create works in ribbon embroidery; it’s probably easier with silk ribbon, but I’ve been using up whatever I’ve got on hand, and creating odd little projects to try things out.

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