Last night I gave a workshop called Band Promo 101:  Making a promo package bookers won’t hate. I think it went pretty well; I tried to pack in as much information as I could; I’ve gleaned a lot over the past 15 years, and distilling that down to two hours was an interesting challenge.

I wouldn’t call the workshop well-attended – 4 people – but one of them drove all the way from Perth, about two hours away.  Talking to some of the musicians afterward, I had some pretty good feedback.  One of the guys said that there’s no one offering anything like this, anywhere, and no Artistic Directors making themselves available.  He compared it to workshops on resumes, which are everywhere.

I know, as ADs, many of us want to be as anonymous and back-of-the-crowd as possible, for a number of reasons that I totally understand. But I think that it’s helpful to everyone if musicians have better promo – they’ll do fewer things that annoy us, they’ll make our job easier, and they’ll save their hard-earned money and be less bitter about the business.

There’s no secrets in what I said last night, though there were a lot of strong opinions that I have to offer.  If I can manage even the slightest de-mystification to the ridiculous tangle that is the music business, I’m happy to do it.

If you’d like to take a look at the handout I offered, I’ve got it on the site – Band Promo Packages.
It’s a rough outline of the information I offered last night; judging by the amount of note-taking going on, most of the workshop attendees found a lot more than just what I’ve got written here.  But it’s a good start, especially if you’re new to the business, and I hope it helps!

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