I’ve started writing regular articles about music that I love and thoughts and experiences about the music industry; you can find all of that over on Secret Frequency. If you’ve got a question you’d like answered, or would like me to feature your music (no promises!), you can contact me at [email protected]

From time to time I give workshops, write articles, or post rants about the music industry, things artists to or don’t do, and stuff that I wish more people in music knew.  In the interest of being a resource for musicians instead of a ranter, I’ve collected the more informative and useful of them here.

Your experience may vary from mine; it’s a big, weird industry.

My Experience in the music industry:

– Artistic Associate, Harbourfront Centre (2013)

– Artistic Director (2006 – 2013) Executive Director (2006 – 2011) of the Peterborough Folk Festival

– Juror for The JUNO Awards (2008), The Canadian folk Music Awards (2012), FACTOR (2008 – 2014)

– Booker/Promoter at the Montreal House, 2004-2005

– Booker/Promoter/Producer in various endeavours, 15+ years

You can see my full resume here, if you’re interested in more information for some reason.

Resources for Musicians

Articles from rootsmusic.ca

Personality can’t be pirated – Changing the focus from creating a brand to promoting your personality.

Ask Candace: Artist Submissions – What’s the best way to submit your music to presenters?

Help Me Promote You – Why it’s essential for an artist to have good promotional materials, and what it tells me about you when you don’t have them.

Articles on this site:

10 Things I Want Musicians to Know – Pointers for dealing with Presenters and Talent Buyers.

PFF 2012 Festival Submission, Part 1 – Some bands that I really liked, culled from the first 100 submissions I listened to for PFF 2012.

Listening to Festival Submissions – Some thoughts on the process of booking the festival.

Judging the Junos – I was asked to be a juror for the Juno Awards this year, and thought I’d write about it to illuminate something that I’d always wondered about.

Creating Promo Packs – The handout from my 2-hour workshop on selling yourself as a musician.  This is the bare bones; while it’s helpful on its own, in the workshop I answer questions candidly and flesh this out with illustrations from my experience.

Advice to Musicians – a collection of thoughts on a broad range of topics, mostly written while I was listening to festival submissions over the past three years, but some reaching back to my days at the MoHo.  Very grouchy, very salty language, but it goes over a lot of common mistakes artists make.  I add to it occasionally.

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