Wedding Crashers is hilarious. I don’t usually find comedies very funny, but this one is so well done, with only a few places it falls  at. Vince Vaughan is a genius of timing, and he’s got the rapid-fire delivery down perfectly. The script is excellent, and should win awards; when Vince and Owen are talking to each other, they speak almost entirely in cliches. It’s never pointed out, but it’s just this wonderful thread of subtle comedy that runs thru the whole movie. And the characterization is great; the freaky girl that clings to Vince, her crazy, shunned-by-the-family homosexual artist brother, the casually racist Ivy-League prats. Even Vince and Owen (look, who cares what their character names were, eh?) have pretty distinct personalities, which is so unusual in any buddy  flick that it was completely delightful. Also, most of you don’t probably give a good god damn, but most of the editing was great like whoa.

I’m giving this baby 2 forks. There are moments were the pacing falls apart, and the dialogue goes flat, but overall, this is one of the funnier comedies I’ve seen.
I mean, purpose-written comedies. Because I’m sure the writers of the Ben Affleck Daredevil didn’t intend to write a comedy.

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