I write articles and I get annoyed when people call them blog posts or rants. Generally people seem to like them. Here are some of those, broken into categories.

I had a bit of a website issues a while ago, so the formatting is a little fucked up, and I’m getting around to fixing it. Bear with me. Or send me a patient intern.

Ideas, Mental Health, Cultural Criticism

12 Tools for Dealing with Depression 

Three Big Ideas for Peterborough

On Being Self-Centred

How I got into this mess in the first place

On Dating

On Audacity and Possibility

On Being Nice to Jerks

I guess I do like it here

Good Advice

Quiet Time

Illegal Medicine

So you want to make a difference: 7 strategies for community organizers

My Life in Theatre

Nana had a good war

The Internet ruins everything that needs to be ruined

Defenders of the Great White North

Balance and Recovery

I don’t care what you think; I care what you do

Twilight – New Moon: How to Deal With It – includes ‘Candace’s list of great movies & tv shows to show your teen/pre-teen

In Praise of Generalists

Optimism, Intelligence, and Imagination

How Meeting Jordan Knight Changed My Life

Music and Culture

If you can’t get enough of my writing on this topic, I also write about it on Secret Frequency.

On Juries for Arts Grants and Awards

On not getting gigs or grants

Canoe Journey through Lifeways and Waterways – I totally did not write that title

PFF 2012: Submissions, Part 1

Rap: More Folk than Folk

10 Things I Want Musicians to Know

Music is a part of the festival, not the point of the festival

Rage Against the Folk

TV is good art

Judging the JUNOs


Sometimes I go places and then I write about those places.

Je suis fou a Paris

Solo in Morocco

My first Hammam

Backpacking in the Magreb

The City Walker Series

Thoughts about Urban Planning and walkable cities and built heritage and shit.

Cycling in the City

Bethune Street Part I

Personal Projects

Articles about stuff that I’ve worked on.

Grimwell the web series

Pride and Prejudice

Lift Up Your Heart and Let Out Your Voice: Ptbo Needs PCVS

Good Songs for Bad Times: the 2011 Canadian Folk Music Awards 

Peterborough Folk Festival 2011

Chickens in the Sewing Room

Ptbo Roller Derby

Ptbo Folk Festival 2010

Merry Ecksmas: Yuletide Traditions from the House of Shaw

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