Caminho Português

In May 2019, my sister Samantha and I walked the 12-day Caminho Portugues, from Porto in Portugal to Santiago de Compostela in Spain. On this page you’ll find my day-by-day travelogue, with lots of photos, as well as links to articles about preparing for the Caminho, useful advice from our trip, and maps. The map below is being created and improved as I go, and includes our approximate route as well as the places we stayed, ate, and visited. If you’re prepping to walk the Caminho Portugues yourself, on these pages you’ll find practical advice and inspiration.

Our Journey on the Camino Portugues

Landing Day in Porto
Day 1 – Porto to Vila Cha 7.5 hours walking time from Porto to Labruge, + 10 min cab ride to Vila Cha, because the albergue was full. 26.9 km walked
Day 2 – Vila Cha to Rates 4.5 hours walking, 20 km walked
Day 3 – Rates to Barcelos 5 hours walking, 20.3 km walked
Day 4 – Barcelos to Ponte de Lima 45-minute train ride from Barcelos to Carapecos/Tamel (Sao Pedro Fins), 7.5 hours walking, 26.2 km walked
Day 5 – Ponte de Lima to Rubiaes 7.5 hours walking (part of it over a godamned mountain), 21.9 km walked
Day 6 Rubiaes to Tui 6 hours walking, 22.5 km walked
Day 7 Tui to Porrino 5 hours walking, 19.8 km walked
Day 8 Porrino to Redondela 6 hours walking, 17.6 km walked
Day 9 Redondela to Pontevedra 7.5 hours walking, 23.4 km walked
Day 10 Pontevedra to Caldas des Reies 7.5 hours walking, 28.5 km walked
Day 11 Caldas des Reies to Padrón 6 hours walking, 20.6 km walked
Day 12 Padron to Santiago de Compostela 8. 5 hours, 30.4 km walked

Photos by Candace Shaw and Samantha Shaw