• Roasted Mediterranean Chicken and Vegetables

    Roasted Mediterranean Chicken and Vegetables

    This is a nice quick, healthy dinner that’s very filling and tasty. I’ve often made it for dinner and than saved leftovers for lunches. It definitely tastes best warm, though it’s okay cold. It’s also great with pasta, to make it a heartier meal – I had some leftover cooked pasta, and heated it up with some leftovers of this dish, and it was great. Adding the bocconcini a few minutes before serving gives it a chance to melt, which is really nice. You could also add oregano to the balsamic vinegar mixture, or a different variety of vegetables that roast well; I’ve never tried it with zucchini, but I…

  • Fried Halloumi with Tomato Sauce

    Fried Halloumi with Tomato Sauce

    Halloumi is one of those cheeses that holds shape when it heats, going gorgeously soft inside and crisping up a little on the outside rather than going gooey-melty. Fried Halloumi with Tomato Sauce is a nice, simple dish that works best in the Summer, when all of the fresh ingredients are at their peak flavour.  Halloumi is a soft, brined cheese that can be found in many Canadian grocery stores – it’s a salty cheese that holds its shape well when heated.  I like to eat it fried, on its own as a snack, or raw, but the sweetness of the tomatoes helps vary the flavours on your tongue, and cuts…