• Canning Peaches - Hot Pack Method
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    Canning Peaches – Hot Pack Method

    Canned peaches can be eaten just as they are, or used in recipes that call for fresh ripe peaches.  Try to get high-quality fruit at peak ripeness for best results. People always make canning seem super-difficult and complicated and time-consuming, but in fact it’s mostly washing things and cutting up fruit or vegetables.  Don’t be afraid – just make sure your work area is clean, wash everything well, and follow the instructions below! I’ve added some notes at the bottom from my first experience canning peaches; they’re as much for myself as anyone else, but you may find them helpful! Canning Peaches – Hot Pack Method Yield: 5-6 Litres Prep time: It…

  • Dilly Beans
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    Dilly Beans

    I love canning, and pickling is one of the easiest kinds of canning that you can do.  It takes very little prep, it’s easy, and it’s one of the safest kinds of canning because of the acidic environment created by the vinegar.  Which is why it’s great for beginners – especially Dilly Beans, which are cheap and easy to do.  And who doesn’t love pickles? I took a trip down to the St. Lawrence Market‘s weekly Farmer’s Market this past weekend to pick up pickling dill, beans, and pickling cukes – I meant to grow my own dill this year, but due to poor pot placement in the pocket garden,…

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    Mango Chutney

    About a week ago, I was grocery shopping and saw a flat of mangoes for $3.  It was too good to turn down, but then I had a flat of swiftly-ripening mangoes kicking around my kitchen.  So I took a look online at a bunch of recipes for canning mango chutney, combined a few, modified them to suit my own tastes, and came up with a mango chutney I’m pretty happy with. It’s a dead-simple recipe that would be a good one for first-timers, as it’s not too fussy and doesn’t take a lot o.  Just remember to wash everything in hot, soapy water, and let everything air-dry – that’s…