• Poulet en cocotte (Roast Chicken in a Pot)

    Poulet en cocotte (Roast Chicken in a Pot)

    Like many people, I spent this Thanksgiving apart from my family due to the pandemic. I’d had a rough week for a whole bunch of reasons, and was feeling really sad about missing out; cooking a big feast with and for people I love is one of my favourite things. But we decided we’d eat together over video chat, so I went ahead and made up a whole dinner like I’d do at home, though on a smaller scale – pumpkin pie, stuffing, melting potatoes, spinach salad with macintosh apples and sliced almonds, and instead of a turkey, a lovely roast chicken. Roasting a chicken is pretty straightforward, and I’ve…

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    White Pizza: Caramelized onions, mushrooms, and roasted garlic

    One night, I was feeling adventurous and decided to try making pizza crust.  Out of that batch, there was enough crust for two pizzas; one with a tomato base, and one white pizza.  The tomato-based pizza was pretty good, and has become a staple of my pizza repertoire.  But the white pizza was delicious, and after a pizza night, my sides are usually aching from having eaten too much of it.  So here’s the recipe! This was the first time I’ve tried making my own pizza crusts from scratch, and while I always find it a bit frustrating, the results are usually pretty good. I’m going to experiment a bit more before…