Merry Ecksmas: A Ukulele Ecksmas

I’ve been learning ukulele for a few months now; when my good friend David gave a uke workshop at the festival this summer, and I was lucky enough to have the time to sit in.  Since then, both he and Lesley have lent us a pair of ukuleles, and when I finally picked it up again later this Fall, I found that, as promised, the uke is completely addictive.  After years of failed attempts at learning guitar and a slightly more successful go at the banjo (until my teacher, Lotus, moved away to become an old-timey superstar with his partner-in-crime, Sheesham), it was like a revelation to pick up the uke and be playing songs within half an hour.

So that was mid-October, and now I know one Christmas song all the way through, so I thought I’d share it with you.  I recorded it last night at about 2am, just as I was getting ready for bed after finishing up last-minute Ecksmassiness, and it took me about seven takes to get the lyrics right.

Anyway, enjoy, and I hope your morning has been as lovely as mine!