In the midst of a new year, setting new goals and looking ahead to a year full of hard work and promise, it’s important to remember that whatever you want out of life, and whatever the people in your life want out of you, it’s vital to take breaks, take time for yourself, and recharge for the work ahead. Remember that rest is not idleness.

In a year which we’re all anticipating may be very difficult, it’s important to have reminders to stop, breathe, and rest so that you’re a the top of your game.  It can be so tempting to push through, to ignore mental or physical weariness, to skip meals or fun/unproductive activities.  For myself, I feel guilty about watching tv, or doing a craft, or going out to see a band, or even cooking a nice meal, because I know that there’s always that inbox full of questions and demands, that never ending to-do list waiting.  

But it’s vital to make sure you eat well and regularly, sleep, and take breaks that allow your mind to recharge.  There’s an old saying – ‘Sometimes a change is as good as a rest’ – and your brain often is refreshed from a change from ‘work’ to ‘play.’ You can come back to your tasks with fresh eyes, new ideas, a new perspective.  Taking time for leisure is one of the most important things you can do.

It’s always difficult, however, especially if you’re ambitious, do high-stress work, or find yourself in the midst of a lot of commitments.  The guilt you feel when you take time for yourself – whether to eat, sleep, or just to rest and relax – can be overwhelming. So sometimes we need a reminder that just because we’re not crossing something off of our to-do lists, it doesn’t mean we’re not accomplishing anything. I posted ‘rest is not idleness’ on my Facebook page the other day, and a friend said “I need this in wallpaper form,” so here it is!

Rest is not Idleness

Wallpaper for smartphones:

Rest is not Idleness









Wallpaper for laptops and desktops:

Rest is not Idleness





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