• Shrimp & Bacon Fettuccine

    Shrimp & Bacon Fettuccine

    This Shrimp & Bacon recipe has been a staple dinner of mine for a few years now; I love it because it’s really simple to make, really delicious, and it always feels a bit indulgent and celebratory. When I want something hearty and flavourful, especially in cold weather, this is what I make. And it’s pretty easy to keep most of the ingredients on hand – I usually buy frozen raw shrimp & bacon whenever I see them on sale, and keep them in the freezer. I’ve done the same with fresh Parmesan – though I’ll note that when you try to grate frozen Parmesan, it gets a bit powdery,…

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    Chicken and Rice Soup

    I love this Chicken and Rice Soup, which was suggested to me by a friend on Twitter after I was given a giant bag of rice last year. But the way the original recipe was formatted and written at Bon Appetit (with autoplay video links, ugh!) made me crazy. So I’ve re-written it with some small changes (I hate kale, so I sub in spinach). I find the soup base itself a nice substantial chicken soup, but the garlic oil makes it addictive, and I always double that part of the recipe, at least. The rice does sometimes break down into mush, but I don’t mind that – it just…

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    Ugly Soup

    This is a recipe from my good friend and longtime co-conspirator Ashley, who is a great cook and sometimes posts recipes here.  Some years ago when I was feeling pretty under-the-weather, she shared with me this recipe for a soup that she created. This is totally comfort food, for me, when the cold weather hits; it’s essentially a Chicken Noodle Soup, if Chicken Noodle Soup wasn’t salty, bland, and disgusting and was instead somewhat heavenly and delicious. Anyway, now you know where I stand on Chicken Noodle Soup.  This recipe will do all of the things you want from said grotty soup, but will do them with vim, vigour, and…